Massachusetts Women's Forum Website

LHD worked with the Massachusetts Women's Forum to design and develop a new website for the organization. The WMF is a community of top women leaders from all sectors of society, who come together to advance women’s leadership.

Project Highlights:

To design and produce a dynamic and highly-expressive responsive website in the non-profit and leadership arena for Massachusett Women’s Forum [MWF].

  • Raise awareness of the organization and its mission
  • Offer members a platform to be seen as leaders in their field
  • Attract new sponsors, partners and members
  • Be a valued personal and professional resource to members
  • To create more opportunities for photo sharing
  • To build relationships among members at MWF
  • Developed strategy, key messaging, and supporting campaign messages from the MWF Re-Visioning findings
  • Created resonant digital assets for the public and for the MWF members
  • Designed a hybrid site that combines a members-only portal with public pages
  • Elevated the brand voice into a strong, well-designed, responsive site and established legitimacy for a continued, loyal following
  • Established a site that evokes MWF’s brand personality and mission in a fresh, exciting and responsive way
  • Increased visibility of the MWF mission and its members as leaders in the region
  • Generated more awareness of sponsors, partners, and the MWF in general

  • Digital