North End, MA

Project Highlights:

LHD partnered with North End restauranteur Nino Trotta to create a brand identity, exterior facade design, and collateral for his original American Gastropub concept Libertine. Building off the premise of being a consciously American restauarnt in Boston's Italian quarter, LHD aimed to create an identity that would channel contrarians and rebels such as Mick Jagger and Jim Morrison, as well as read a little bit rock and roll. Nino envisions Libertine as a modern speaky easy — a millenial hotspot that easily inhabits a space simutaneously transgressive and welcoming. In the discovery phase LHD created a persona build to aid in fleshing out our sense of its brand identity that helped inform our subsequent design choices and create a playful aesthetic marrying darkness and vibrancy. Fabrication of this project is still presently in progress, but we look forward to seeing its completion and its impact on the community.

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