El Barrio Mexican Grill

Dorchester, MA

Project Highlights:

Dorchester small business owner, Joandry Vasquez, desperately needed help with a complete overhaul and rebrand for his restaurant. Guided by his passion, energy, vision and heritage, LHD worked closely with the client to establish a creative direction that drew upon inspirations including Latino design, folk art, and the internationally recognized chef Alex Stupak. During the course of this project, thoughtful feedback led Joandry to realize that the up-scale brand he initially had in mind simply didn't resonate with the neighborhood.

LHD continued the partnership and took the brand in a new direction. In addition to the logo design, key project outcomes included rebranding the exterior facade (flat sign, blade sign, window signage, and mural). Outside of the Office of Economic Development's ReStore & Design Program scope, Joandry hired LHD to develop branded inspiration decks for the restaurant interior including overall brand vibe, seating (optimal floor plan + seating design style), lighting, flooring, bar finishes, bathroom/bar/waiting area tile usage, plateware & glassware, window treatments, wayfinding signage, business cards, menus, takeout packaging, and more. The culmination of nearly two year’s work saw the creation of a stunning restaurant, and a beacon for both the business and neighborhood.

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