Lobsta Seafood Restaurant

LHD was approached by LA- and Beijing-based entrepreneurs to brand a startup restaurant franchise concept  in China. The Owners wanted Lobsta to emulate the Neptune Oyster brand — a brand created by LHD in 2004.

Extensive discovery, research & strategy performed by LHD including tours of NYC, LA, and Boston-based seafood restaurants led to the positioning and branding of Lobsta. Brand touchpoints included logo, companion logo, brand guide, franchise template, corporate identity, menus, website, signage, interior design, as well as coasters, napkins, and takeout boxes. Interior design included floor plan consultation, bar riser and countertop, color palette, flooring, and more.

Franchise execution and oversight by LHD was also in the planning.

Simultaneously, LHD re-branded the sister restaurant and notable food truck, Lobsta Shack, in Los Angeles.