Greater Ashmont Main Street

LHD collaborated in 2016/2017 in taking this non-profit organization in Dorchester from their brand of 20 years to where they are today. Greater Ashmont Main Street is a non-profit corporation that strives to maintain and further develop the vibrant business district along their 1.1 mile section of Dorchester Ave as a welcoming destination for those from inside and outside the area. A name-change in 2016 [from St. Mark’s Area Main Street to Greater Ashmont Main Street] and a desire to be known as something outside of the parish led them to a full re-brand. LHD assisted in moving them forward in the new millennium while still retaining the history and heritage of their district.

The Greater Ashmont re-brand was so successful that Mayor Walsh used the campaign as a signature case study for the Boston Main Streets Foundation. Additionally, Rosemarie Sansone, President and CEO of the Downtown Boston Business Improvement District, hired LHD to re-brand its vibrant Washington Street neighborhood.

Boston Community Revitalization

ReStore Boston provides neighborhood businesses and building owners with direct grants for exterior renovation of commercial facades, storefront improvement, and signage. The intent of the program is to transform the look and feel of the City’s commercial districts while also driving increased traffic and revenue to Boston’s local businesses. Preserving and improving historic facades and storefronts is a strategic way to increase the vitality of commercial districts and individual businesses.

Many of the ReStore Boston projects not only increase customer loyalty and retention, but also increase new customer acquisition—one of the top goals of many small business owners. Lindsay Hill Design is proud to support the growth of Boston’s small businesses.